Automatic Door Service NJ

Automatic Door Service NJ is a provider of automatic doors services including installation and maintenance.

Our company meets the diverse needs with personalized, quality service. Our experienced professionals are committed to customer satisfaction and meeting budget and scheduling needs. The philosophy of Automatic Door Service NJ is to become a trusted partner with our client base.

Not only do we do automatic door services, we also provide revolving door service and manual door service. We can install revolving and manual doors, or repair and help maintain them. We are a revolving door service and a manual door service, besides being an automatic door service. Although we are located in New Jersey, we also do jobs in New York and Pennsylvania. Automatic Door Service NJ is an all around door service.

We at Automatic Door Service NJ are committed to being your "trusted partner". As a family owned and managed company, we are proud to deliver a superior level of professionalism and expertise. Our top notch craftsmen and professional staff will work closely with you to ensure your requests are met.

The "Partnership" begins with a free consultation and careful review of the budget. Our experienced team is your trusted partner throughout the entire process.

  • Distributor/Installer of Automatic Entry Systems
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service on all types of manual and automatic doors
  • Handicapped Access Systems for ADA

Free Consultation, Budgets, Estimates